12 Days of My FAN Club – Day 3

*** I’m talking about the FAN principle used by genealogists to list Friends, Associates, and Neighbors of your ancestors.  Your FAN club can be a great research technique that can help break down brick walls and help you learn more about your ancestors lives and their communities. Click HERE to read more about my FAN club. ***

This is my Dad with two of his best friends, Coach Herbert Lewis and Darrell White, at my wedding in 2000. Darryl is one of the Stephenson sister’s kids that grew up in the neighborhood with my Dad. When Coach Lewis moved to Newport and started teaching/coaching at the high school, he said his first stop when he got to town was to meet my Granny. That’s when he also met my Dad, and they became fast friends and thick as thieves.

Coach Lewis, my Dad, Wayman Mays, and Darrell White 2000.

Click HERE to read more about my FAN Club

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