12 Days of My FAN Club – Day 5

*** I’m talking about the FAN principle used by genealogists to list Friends, Associates, and Neighbors of your ancestors.  Your FAN club can be a great research technique that can help break down brick walls and help you learn more about your ancestors lives and their communities. Click HERE to read more about my FAN club. ***

My family’s love of God has always been our foundation. For every generation I have researched, I have always been able to find their church home in their community. This was my church family growing up in Newport, Arkansas. I attended St. Paul AME church as a young girl. This was the church my Granny grew up in and my father. This is where I was taught to stand tall, speak up, and always be confident even when I didn’t know the answer. This is where I learned I had that kind of singing voice that was perfect for the church congregation but not the choir. My memories of this church and the people there are long and precious to me.

Click HERE to read more about my FAN Club

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