Wordless Wednesday – When Your Mother Is Also Your School Guidance Counselor

My Dad, Wayman Mays, with his mother, Gladys Denson Mays in 1969 at WF Branch High School

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  1. litprof4 says:

    What did your dad and your grandmom think of that?


    1. Trisha says:

      My grandmother always said that she loved being at the school with her children. My dad said that he felt there was a high expectation of him since she was a counselor there. But as he got older, he appreciated it more. Living in a small town was hard. She was still the counselor at the school when me and my siblings were at the school. She retired after 50 years when I was in the 4th grade, my sister was in 6th grade, and my brother was in 9th grade. She gave us a wonderful legacy indeed.


      1. litprof4 says:

        Fifty years in education…what a wonderful contribution to your school and town! Your dad learned that high expectations can mean success. A great legacy!

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