12 Days of My Family 2021 – Evva Hatchett

My great grandfather Evva Hatchett was born on March 29, 1874 to Peter and Evaline Hatchett in Jackson County, Arkansas. He married Mattie Heck in 1895. Evva was the father of 14 children. He moved to Chicago in 1947 where he worked as a carpenter. He lived in Chicago with his second wife, Mary ‘Lula’ Alcorn, until his death on March 9, 1964

My great grandfather, Evva, was the first person on this side of the family to move out of the state of Arkansas. My PawPaw would go to Chicago every summer to visit him and his younger sisters that also lived in Chicago at the time. Researching my great grandfather, Evva, was the first time I actually researched outside of the state of Arkansas. I was able to incorporated going to the vital records office, to get a copy of his death certificate and a visit to the cemetery while on a family vacation to Chicago in 2014. I’m still on the hunt for his newspaper obituary and/or funeral program, and I’m eager to learn more about his life in the ‘big’ city during the later years of his life.

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  1. Imelda Hatchett-Mitchell says:

    This is awesome! He was also my great grandfather! Would that make us 3rd cousins?


    1. Trisha says:

      Hey Cousin!!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!!


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