12 Days of My Family 2021 – Nona Skipper Wright

My great grandmother Nona Skipper Wright was born on May 5, 1892 in Woodruff County, Arkansas to Jacob and Josie Skipper. She was the wife of Oscar Wright and the mother of twelve children. She was a member of Eason Chapel Methodist Church and a member of the Order of Eastern Star.

Mama Nona was my only great grandparent that I was able to meet. She was in a nursing home the majority of my childhood. But I do remember going to her house in Patterson, Arkansas when I was young. My only memory of her not in a nursing home was of her sitting on her front porch waiting on us to arrive for a visit during the summer. Mama Nona raised and cared for her eleven children as well as many of her grandchildren. Her love and devotion for her family has been a strong foundation for many generations. Our family continues to celebrate Mama Nona’s life and love every two years by having a family reunion in her honor. These reunions ensure that her story is not forgotten and her legacy continues to shine.

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  1. Love the reunion in honor of Moma Nona! This gives me an idea for our next family reunion. We’ll honor all in the genertion of our family, who has transitioned before us. I hope this darn coronavirus dies out soon so we can get on with having our next reunion.

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    1. Trisha says:

      We had to postpone our Wright family reunion last year. It was rescheduled for 2022. We did a small virtual reunion this summer. It was interesting. So hopefully we will be able to get together again.


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