My Genealogy Favorite Things Gift Guide – Updated 2019 Version


The holidays will be here before you know it, and so will the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all-around holiday sales.  So I thought I would do an updated genealogy favorite things gift guide this year (click HERE to read my 2017 genealogy favorite things gift guide).  I must admit it was hard coming up with some new and different items.  When it comes to genealogy gifts most people automatically think of DNA testing kits, journals/notebooks, photo frames, or subscriptions to websites ( or or magazines (Family Tree Magazine).  Those make great gifts too but were all included in my last gift guide.  So for this year’s list, I thought back to the genealogy conferences I attended this year (RootsTech and AAHGS) and thought about those items that I really used or wished I had.  Also listed are some items from my personal wish list along with some old standbys that anyone can use.

Personal Family Gifts

  • Copies of family photos
  • A family heirloom
  • Put together a family recipe book
  • Copies of family videos/DVDs
  • Family scrapbooks or high school/college yearbooks

Gifts of Your Time

  • Two hours of scanning documents/photos
  • Organizing or creating an address spreadsheet of family members
  • Volunteer to accompany the researcher on their next research trip to help
  • Download a family history questionnaire, complete it, and give it to the researcher.

I couldn’t have a favorite genealogy list without including genealogy T-shirts.  I got so many compliments on my t-shirts at both RootsTech and the AAHGS conferences.  I should get something genealogy-related printed on a tote bag too.

These gift ideas can be used for any occasion throughout the year for the family historian/genealogist in your life.  I was able to find items from every price range.  So whatever your budget is, just remember that the most special gifts always come from a place of love and thoughtfulness.

*Some of the items listed in this post contain affiliate links. If you purchase using these links, I’ll get a small commission at no additional cost to you. This will help me continue writing this blog and creating new content for Journey Through the Generations. Thanks!

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