12 Days of My Family – Day 2


These are my maternal great grandparents, Evva Hatchett and Mattie Heck Hatchett.  Evva Hatchett was born March 29, 1874 in Jackson county, Arkansas to Peter Hatchett and Evaline Mudd Hatchett.  He died on March 9, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois.

Mattie Heck Hatchett was born on February 23, 1878 in Arkansas to Louis Heck and Nancy Blue Heck.  She died on August 23, 1929 in Jackson county, Arkansas.

They were the parents of Gertude Hatchett Neil Taylor, Ruth Hatchett Hyde, Cora Hatchett Townsend, Minnie Hatchett Button, Burley Hatchett, Hosie Hatchett, Myrtle Hatchett Tolerson, Gus Hatchett, Macie Hatchett McKinley, Ossie Hatchett, Aric Hatchett, Lela Hatchett Terrell, and Edythe Hatchett Saunders.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. Seeing the names of all the aunts and uncles brought back a lot of really good memories! Please continue the journey.

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