2018 Genealogy Goals

It’s that time of the year when I hear the phrase ‘New Years Resolutions’.  I have a love hate relationship with that phrase.  On one had I think that it is a great idea to make resolutions that can help with organization, diet, or finances.  But on the other hand, so many people never follow through with such resolutions year after year, that know one really takes it seriously anymore.  That is why I started calling my ‘resolutions’ GOALS.  I make personal goals and genealogy goals every year.  My genealogy goals help keep me focused, and they allow me to know what information I’m still looking for.  I read my genealogy goals throughout the year and make notes about what I have accomplished or ideas of how I can find more information.  Some of these are new ideas, and some have been brick walls that are taking some time to break down.  These are some goals that I plan on focusing on this year.

  • Organizing my paper documents/photos and my computer files
  • Start entering information in Roots Magic genealogy software
  • Learn more about my DNA results
  • Post a blog every two weeks
  • Post a podcast once a month
  • Interview relatives
  • Join a local and national genealogy society
  • Attend two genealogy conferences
  • Find voter registration records from Woodruff and Jackson counties from 1865 – 1965
  • Research school records
  1. Philander Smith College
  2. Shorter College
  3. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
  4. WF Branch High School
  5. Cotton Plant Academy
  • Research Church Records
  1. St. Paul AME; Newport, Arkansas
  2. Morning Star Baptist; Newport, Arkansas
  3. Mt. Zion; Jackson County Arkansas
  4. Mt. Pisgah; Patterson, Arkansas
  5. Eason Chapel; Woodruff County, Arkansas
  • Genealogy Road Trips
  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Dallas, Texas (National Archives at Fort Worth)
  3. Mosaic Temples; Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Obituaries or Death Dates Still Needed
  1. Jacob/Jake Skipper
  2. Wayman Denson
  3. Evva Hatchett
  4. John Denson
  5. Joseph Wright
  6. Louis Heck/Hecht
  7. Nancy Blue Heck/Hecht
  • Continue researching Grandpa Booker’s siblings.

It looks like I’m going to be busy this year.  Writing our my goals gets me excited about my research.  I’m looking forward to all the information that is waiting on me this year.  And this is why my journey continues…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. phmays says:

    Please continue , and remember . . . the journey is what’s fun😊!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re doing a great job. Please continue on your journey! Major love ❤


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