52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 4 – ‘I’d Like to Meet…’

NOTE: I accepted the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge headed by fellow genealogy blogger Amy Johnson Crow in January 2019. The idea behind this challenge is that you will receive email prompts, a word or phrase, every week, and you find something about your research or family history to write about.  I write in…

12 Days of My Family – Day 11

These are my two heartbeats, my son Wesley and my husband, Phillip.  The sound of most people’s heart goes lub-DUB.  Not mine, my heartbeat is a very strong, loud, and pronounced Phillip-Wesley. I started researching because my son asked me questions about some family photos that I didn’t have answers to.  My husband has encouraged me to not only continue…

12 Days of My Family – Day 10

This is a photo of my maternal grandfather, Gus Hatchett (standing on the right), along with his brothers and sisters.  These are the children of Evva and Mattie Heck Hatchett.

12 Days of My Family – Day 7

This is one of my favorite photos because both of my grandmothers are in it.  It was taken May 1990 at my brother’s high school graduation.  In this photo are my paternal grandmother, Gladys Denson Mays; my mother, Patricia Hatchett Mays; my brother, Russell Mays; my maternal grandmother, Ernestine Wright Hatchett; and my dad, Wayman…

12 Days of My Family – Day 5

This is my paternal great grandfather, Wayman Alexander Denson.  He was born on January 21, 1896 in Alabama to John Denson and Charlotte McVay Denson.  He died on July 7, 1959 in St. Louis, Missouri.  He was the father of Gladys Denson Mays, Wayman Denson Jr., and Brenda Denson Moore.

12 Days of My Family – Day 4

This is my dad, Wayman A. Mays (on the left) along with his sister, Ann James, and his brother Leslie Mays.  I like to call them the original Mays kids.  They are the children of Booker and Gladys Denson Mays.

12 Days of My Family – Day 3

My parents were blessed with all grandsons.  I call them the Mays boys.  Our next generation:  Allen, Eric, Wesley, and Patrick.

12 Days of My Family – Day 2

These are my maternal great grandparents, Evva Hatchett and Mattie Heck Hatchett.  Evva Hatchett was born March 29, 1874 in Jackson county, Arkansas to Peter Hatchett and Evaline Mudd Hatchett.  He died on March 9, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. Mattie Heck Hatchett was born on February 23, 1878 in Arkansas to Louis Heck and Nancy…

12 Days of My Family – Day 1

This is my paternal great grandmother, Carrie Goodlow Flemming.  She was born in Jackson County, Arkansas on June 4, 1899 to Rufus Goodlow and Classie Moose.  She died in Arkansas on November 24, 1941.  She was the mother of Gladys Denson Mays, Wayman Denson Jr., Nathan Hensley, Henry Flemming, Mary Flemming Wilson, Martha Flemming Coburn,…

Education and My Family….Cotton Plant Academy

I have fond memories of my maternal grandmother, Ernestine Wright Hatchett.  We called her Madear.  My memories of us include being in the kitchen together, of her famous caramel cake, and of her letting me eat shrimp for the first time.  I remember that she worked as a cook for the local country club and…