RootsTech Connect 2021

We are officially less than 7 days away from the start of RootsTech Connect 2021 and new informations is being announced every day. To keep you in the know, we put together a list of resources and expected activities for the conference. If you’re not registered, go to to register.

  • Family Search went live on Facebook and YouTube Tuesday, Februrary 16th. They went through Q&A’s and also gave a sneak peek of the website. You can watch on YouTube by clicking the link below.
  • Check out the “Road to RootsTech” video series on the Family Search YouTube page.
  • List of all classes for Main Stage speakers and classes have been posted. You can download the files below. Please note there will be some updates to classes made up until the conference. We’ll try to update files as we get new information from RootsTech.
  • Use the “Find Your Relatives” feature. You will need to opt in. Just sign in to your Family Search account and opt-in. You need to have a family tree on the site in order for the feature to work.
    • You will be able to see common ancestors with conference attendees.
    • You can reach out and message those cousins.
  • Virtual Expo Hall will have around 100 exhibitors for you to visit and learn more about.

We will have a podcast episode talking more about the upcoming conference. You can listen on the Podcast page here on the site or where ever you get your podcasts.